September 2018  •  Seattle USA

Synthetic Chocolate
Reality Distraction Side A

Featuring all new EDM remixes of Synthetic Chocolate's Distracted By Reality.

Synthetic Chocolate
Tribute to the music of Prince

Like many fans, we mourned the passing of Prince and were not really sure how to deal with it emotionally. So we decided to record some of our favorite Prince tunes, as a sort of therapy. We recorded these tracks with such a heavy heart, but it really help

"We Can Be The Ones (single Mix Featuring Joe Kozlinski)"

From the album: We Can Be The Ones

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Devious Gray
Liquid Paradox

Dive into the arches of EDM with Liquid Paradox. Featuring the track 'Alpha', with hints of trip hop.
Disco Smile (singles collection)

A compilation of some of the most accessible and popular tracks Supaflower has produced - this compilation comes back with these timeless classic EDM tracks.

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  Devious Gray


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  Dave Flowers

  Synthetic Chocolate

  Spiral Anne

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  The Consul

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