Our Mission
interactive jack records is an independent recording, marketing and distribution company whose primary purpose is building a bridge between independent artists and the listening public. We value music and art above profit.

We support file and music sharing
John Lennon said it best - "Music is everybody's possession. It's only the publishers who think that people own it."

Here's a little hint for those with wisdom, check the torrent sites for additional works from our artists...

We are in it for the music
Interactive Jack Records was created for artists that were looking for an alternative to the mainstream music industry. When you purchase music from us, a majority of the profits go directly to the artists, bypassing the need for managers and record label executives.

Make a copy for a friend
Download music from us, and if you'd like to turn someone else onto our music, burn a CD for a friend (but tell 'em to visit our website). And if you believe in our cause, and you've got a little extra cash, we welcome your purchases and continued support.

In return, some of our artists have their music available to download for no charge (you'll have to look through the individual artists' sites to find em).

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  Devious Gray


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  Dave Flowers

  Synthetic Chocolate

  Spiral Anne

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  The Consul

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