An Invitation
If you have a great track, giving your listeners more than one version will lenghten it's shelf life and give your track exposure to different kinds of crowds.

Some of our electronic artists specialize in the art of remixing and can bring out something completely new from your existing tracks. Send us an email - we'd love to chat and give you an example of some of the work we've done (due to copyright restrictions can't be posted here).

Additional Services
Some of our exisiting tracks can be licensed for use in commercial film and media productions.

Additionally, we also take requests for special projects, such as film scoring or commercial compositions. Just let us know a little about your project and we can consider it.

Lastly, we love to do Live Performace Remixing. If you've got an interesting event you'd like us to consider, we'd be open to discussions...

Contact us with your project or idea:

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