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Synthetic Chocolate : Prince Tunes - An Electro-pop Tribute

We are saddened to live in a world where Prince no longer lives. 4 many of us, Prince was our biggest musical influence growing up.

Prince was one of the first artists to mix funk, rock, and jazz together in such a bold yet commercial way. He wasn't afraid of sexuality and combined it with a touch of spirituality. He was a kick-ass lead guitar like nobody's business, his dance moves were second 2 none, and it was known that he wrote all of his songs and played virtually every instrument on many of his records. It was a combination of all those things that made us admire him.

But beyond his technical prowess, he was an artist that could get more personal with each listen, eventually becoming a part of you. The way he wrote songs was almost like he was having a conversation with you, so it's easy to see why his fans are known to be dedicated.

Prince was a musical anomaly, unpredictably switching gears and taking his listeners on a new musical journey with the release of each new album - and there were so many albums. For many of his fans, it was a seemingly never-ending stream of new adventures: U never knew quite what to expect. And thankfully, the releases came often. We were so lucky enough to live in a world where Prince existed and now his music will live on 4ever.

Like many of his most loyal fans, we mourned his passing and weren't really sure how to deal with it emotionally. So we decided to record some of our favorite Prince tunes, as a sort of therapy. We recorded these tracks with such a heavy heart, but it really helped with the grieving process and turned out to be one of the most enjoyable recording experiences of our career. We obviously know this album will never do justice to his original recordings, but it's our love letter to him and his legacy.

This is Volume One of what we are planning as an on-going series. In fact, Volume Two is nearing completion right now. And we are not stopping there, so stay with us.

We hope you enjoy hearing a different examination at such an amazing artist. "Don't kiss the beast..."

- Synthetic Chocolate