Synthetic Summer
Reality Distractions - Side A

New EDM remixes of Distracted by Reality tracks.

Genre: Trap

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Synthetic Summer
Emerald City Heartbreak

Inspired by the sounds of Prince and other artists popularized in the 1980s, this is a Synthetic Chocolate modern breakup record that will remind u of life in the eighties. Keep your eyes posted for the original long versions of these tracks...

Genre: Electropop

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Synthetic Summer
Another Christmas Album For The Hardcore Fans

Just in time for the holidays! Synthetic Chocolate delivers a last minute album of all original holiday soon-to-be-classics! Featuring contributions from our friends Evynn3, Victor Anagli, Dave Cortez and a super fun cover photo by Tazz King featuring Tiger Flowers in a scary xmas costume.

Genre: Holiday

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Synthetic Summer
By Popular Demand

A casual afternoon in the studio with Synthetic Chocolate, a piano and a microphone. They play a diverse live set of covers and originals in this collection - recorded randomly one afternoon in Seattle. The critics are calling this a peak into their creative process - a must hear.

Genre: Pop Piano and a Microphone

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Synthetic Summer
Prince Tunes

Like many fans, we mourned the passing of Prince and were not really sure how to deal with it emotionally. So we decided to record some of our favorite Prince tunes, as a sort of therapy. We recorded these tracks with such a heavy heart, but it really helped with the grieving process and turned out to be one of the most enjoyable recording experiences. We obviously know this EP will never do justice to his original recordings, but it's our love letter to him and his legacy.

Genre: Electro-pop

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