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Special Thanks

     Angela Flowers - Kisses and a whole lotta loving!
     Finn Tiger - My star of the show
     Mario and Isabella - My lovely tigers
     John Talamantes (and Sonya and the kids) - We've had some fun making music over the years - here's to many more! Thanks for hanging in there...
     Devious Gray (Fred Ramirez) - Here we are in the big time! Thanks for being a synthesizer enthusiast your whole life.
     Zane Williams (of The Consul) - I am forever amazed at your amazingness, sincerely. I've never met another guitarist (or maybe even another person, for that matter) with as much grace as you.
     Kevin Younkins (and Jubilation) - Thanks for being an all around amazing guy - I've always loved your musical perspectives!
     Himanshu Shekhar (and Jessica and the kids) - You are a true friend - many years to come! Thanks for always uplifting me - and supporting my cause!

Friends And Family

     Jan Flowers - Thanks sis
     Nate Johnson - The coolest uncle (or is it nephew) a guy could have...
     Elizabeth Doss - My cool cousin.
     Jonathon Doss (and Cathy) - It was fun listening to rock n roll records at your house when I was in high school! And thanks for the stereo and guitar too!
     Brenden Hammond - Keep being excited about moving forward and great things will happen! You are a gem - thanks for the inspirations!
     Dave Demers - D-Dubz, the man - nice guitar playing and flow
     Terry Kildal - The Captain as they call him

Musical Influences

     Deadmau5, Madeon, BT, Skrillex, DJ Shadow, Jean Michele Jarre and all the great electronic artists - Thanks for the electronic inspirations.
     John Paul George and Ringo - You guys know what you did - thanks for it!
     Led Zeppelin - You added unpredictability to the mix - thanks!
     Prince - You inspired me to record my own albums, playing all the instruments myself, and to keep recording as fast as I could before my time runs out! Thanks for being that special friend, I appreciate it.

If for some reason, your name or organization is not on this list, and you feel deserving (you know who you are) - let us know via email and we'd love to add you!