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  Spiral Anne

There are 9 official releases.

Spiral Anne
Greatest Hits

Release Date: 2014
Genre: Electro Rock and Pop

Spiral Anne
Lost Pages (instrumental rarities)

Released: 2011
Genre: Rock Instrumental

Spiral Anne
Booklet Of Remixes

Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic Pop Rock

Spiral Anne

Released: 2009
Genre: Vocal Rock, Pop, Funk

Spiral Anne
Basement Bootleg Beware

Released: 2004
Genre: Jam Sessions

Spiral Anne

Released: 2003
Genre: Vocal Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz

Spiral Anne
Streets Of Gold Acoustic EP

Released: 2002
Genre: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Spiral Anne

Released: 2002
Genre: Electro-rock Remixes

Spiral Anne

Released: 2001
Genre: Rock with a hint of flamenco, jazz and electronica

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