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Spiral Anne

Booklet is a fantastic journey through a eclectic mix of rock, folk and electronic featuring many guests artist contributions. It includes 'The Message', a song sung by JT, lead singer of the electro-pop group Synthetic Chocolate, and a special jam session track featuring Zane Williams from The Consul. 'Booklet' has a nice mixture of polished, produced tracks (like 'Love The Rain', the first single) interspersed with loose, organic jam sessions.

Genre: Vocal Rock, Pop, Funk

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Spiral Anne

Features most of the vocal tracks from their debut release, Junkbox, remixed and extended into an electronic canvas of strange and wonderful sound.

Genre: Electro-rock Remixes

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Spiral Anne

Broken into three acts, these are songs filled with the emotional struggle of an artist craving more and getting less. It varies musically from the raw, edgy and lyrically disturbing "Raw Deal" to the heavy-rock-industrial sound of "Broken" to the emotional anthem "Streets of Gold."

Genre: Rock with a hint of flamenco, jazz and electronica

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