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There are 52 official releases.

Pure Universal Energy

An electronic journey into the source of the universe... Love. Contains the full-length version of the dub-step jazz track 'The Universe Is Love', often played live for several tours.

Released: 2014 - Genre: Dubstep, EDM, Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 85



Skate Night (after party mixes)

Cutting edge remixes for Skate Night.

Released: 2014 - Genre: Electronic Remix
Catalog Number: Opus 83



Skate Night (drink mixes)

Remixes for Skate Night. Created while drinking.

Released: 2014 - Genre: Electonic
Catalog Number: Opus 82



Skate Night (evening mixes)

These are the original long versions for the Skate Night project. This is the album designed specifically with roller skating in mind. After I created it, I edited all of the tracks for Skate Night - the commercial version (this is the evening mixes).

Released: 2014 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 81

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Skate Night

Remember those fun nights at the roller rink in the eighties? Well, that's what this is all about - skate night, hot pretzels, soda, roller skate kings and queens... These are the radio-friendly single versions.

Released: 2014 - Genre: DJ Culture Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 80



Drum Mashine 2.0

This is part two in a continuing series of solo drum machine tracks.

Released: 2012 - Genre: Beats
Catalog Number: Opus 76

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Drum Mashine 1.0

Ever since I first fell in love with synthesizers, I had a deep crush on another electronic sound maker - the drum machine. Spending hours upon hours on these little devices, I always dreamed of making a solo drum machine record that could stand on its own - and finally, here it is!

Released: 2012 - Genre: Beats and Breaks
Catalog Number: Opus 75

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The Strange Truth

This is primarily built around non-melodic sounds and percussive hits, using sound sources around the house such as dishes, spoons, cups, clanking on surfaces and even a rare recording of the blue angels (I stuck my microphones out the window when they were in Seattle one year).

Released: 2011 - Genre: DJ Culture - beats and breaks
Catalog Number: Opus 73

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Les Bein Valses

As a pianist, I've always been a huge fan of Chopin. I like everything he wrote, and have always had a particular fondness of the waltzes. I finally decided to write my own series of piano waltzes. This past year has provided plenty of inspiration - I am hoping to be a father someday soon. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. These pieces are an expression of my own emotions, struggles, and loves - it would be wonderful if they added something to your life in some small way - maybe the background to wonderful dinner, or the headphone soundtrack to a bus ride to work, or the mood-setter for a romantic prelude... As for the title, I believe the translation is 'The Good Waltzes', but I think it sounds much better in it's native tongue...

Released: 2011 - Genre: Classical Piano
Catalog Number: Opus 69

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Attack Decay Sustain Release (ADSR)

The starting inspiration for this were the analogue synthesized drum sounds from the early 1980's. Although there is quite a bit of sampling and looping in these tracks, the basic foundation were the sounds from original analogue drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, TR-909 and others of the time period.

Released: 2011 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 68



Spooky Stories

This started with the last track, an experiment to try and incorporate piano into a dub step project. By chance, it was exactly 13 minutes long when I mixed it down. I was already wanting to do a dark and spooky record, so it seemed like a sign...

Released: 2011 - Genre: Dub Step
Catalog Number: Opus 66

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Disco Smile (singles collection)

A compilation of some of the most accessible and popular tracks from the last ten years or so.

Released: 2010 - Genre: Dance - Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 65

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Kandi Dandi (purple version)

The purple edit of Kandi Dandi is my personal favorite. Also included is the original long version of Selective Memory, which has multiple samples that were cut from the final album mix, as well as the original mixes of 2 cuts from Chill Pill Thriller.

Released: 2010 - Genre: DJ Culture - Electronic - Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 64

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Kandi Dandi (orange version)

The orange edit of Kandi Dandi is the shortest single version, originally intended for a possible radio release. Also included is Comma Mama, a b-side originally recorded for Triple Exclaimation, but later cut from the project - and Mega Side A, a megamix of some of the Chill Pill Thriller material.

Released: 2010 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 63

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Kandi Dandi (green version)

This release contains the longest edit of Kandi Dandi - which includes every section. The other versions are derivative of this one. Also included is the dub version of Gang Squad.

Released: 2010 - Genre: DJ Culture - Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 62

Download Price: $ 3.00 USD*



Rated Triple Remix

This is the follow up to Triple Exclaimation - presenting an alternate view to each of the 14 tracks, via remixes. I opted to keep a lot of the elements similar in many of the tracks, such as song structure and main melodies (themes), while changing up the background dramatically. The idea is that someone would still strongly recognize the tracks when compared to the originals, but that each remix would breathe new life to the existing song. Also included is a new piece of artwork for each remix, embedded into the digital file.

Released: 2010 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 61

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Triple Exclaimation

A collage of a diverse variety of electronic music styles, this release opens and closes with the natural and profound sound of a piano. Then swirls from a progressive dance track to dub to drum and bass... As a bonus, each track has it's own unique artwork embedded in the digital file.

Released: 2009 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 60

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Shazy Lazy

This is a companion to 'Funk Shway'. It contains some interesting remixes of tracks on the album as well as some tracks recorded during the sessions for Funk Shway. The title track is a mellow guitar track I recorded early one morning (around 3 AM). I originally had it as part of the album, but later replaced it with 'Zen Cakes'. I love when the low bass comes in... The other two jam session tracks weren't originally keepers, but on second listen, I decided that they could fit in on this EP.

Released: 2008 - Genre: Funk Jazz Electronic Demo
Catalog Number: Opus 57



Funk Shway

Since I was born in the 1970's and have always been fond of the funk tunes that came from that era, I set out to record a seventies-style funk instrumental album in my basement recording studio (which I affectionately call the Flower Pot). This album has a very organic feel to it, using complex arrangements of live instruments, analog and digital synthesizers, and a variety of recording procedures. The results are an album that definitely captures the energy of 1971 but the subtle nuances of a modern recording. Each track is segued with random conversations with friends that I recorded at my coffee table (with their knowledge, of course!).

Released: 2007 - Genre: Funk
Catalog Number: Opus 56

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Thrill Chill Refill - Volume Two

These are the long versions of the tracks used on the Thrill Pill Chiller megamixes (Side A and B).

Released: 2006 - Genre: Downbeat
Catalog Number: Opus 55

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Thrill Chill Refill - Volume One

These are the long versions of the tracks used on the Thrill Pill Chiller megamixes (Side A and B).

Released: 2006 - Genre: Downbeat
Catalog Number: Opus 54

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The Chill Pill Thriller

This album has a very zen-like spiritual quality to it, at least for me. My studio is in my basement, with soft-colored mood lighting to accent the instruments. Since I often record my music in the early morning, between midnight and 4 AM - my most creative time of the day, I get a unique feeling hanging out down there. It's dark, but pleasant and pretty. When I stop playing, the air outside is absolutely silent. Playing music when no one else is awake is like visiting another galaxy where only you, the musician, exists. I sometimes feel like I'm sitting at the control panel of a large spaceship, my synthesizers being the steering wheel. I guess I might liken it to dreaming while awake...

Released: 2006 - Genre: Downbeat Mix
Catalog Number: Opus 53

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Clue Stew

This compilation is a companion to 'Loop Scoop'. It includes remixes along with a couple of outtakes (or b-sides) from the Loop Scoop sessions.

Released: 2005 - Genre: Jazz funk electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 52



Loop Scoop

This is a highly experimental project for me, incorporating unusual recording techniques and unconventional methods of 'song writing.' It started as a desire to create a drum and bass album... and ended up being a journey through electronic sound. The opening track was done using an large number of short drum loops flying in and out of the mix in stereo - thus the name 'loop scoop.' In addition, I sampled a number of bass lines played live directly from the Korg MS-2000 and triggered them against the drums. Doing this allowed me to have a large number of timbres in the bass without having to program a bunch of patches and switch them manually.

Released: 2005 - Genre: Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 51




Approaching Christmas 2004, I wanted to record a special album for friends and family - something I thought anyone could enjoy as a holiday gift. The solution? A relaxing recording of piano music with subtle synthesizer melodies peeking in and out of the picture - the perfect fancy dinner background music! Or a good album to clean house to. Or maybe a nice mood enhancer to put the finishing touch on a romantic evening... (don't forget the sensual massage oils).

Released: 2004 - Genre: Solo Acoustic Piano
Catalog Number: Opus 49



Alternate Etude

Having a love for classical music is almost natural for a pianist - since a lot of classical music was written on and for the piano. When I was in high school, a friend of mine showed me an album of classical music made with synthesizers. Being a big fan of electronic music, I was instantly hooked - I always wanted to do my own 'version' of such a record! The catch was that I felt many classical songs would benefit from adding beats to them, something that affectionados would abhore! This EP is a collection of classical 'remixes'. The first half of the tracks are beat-oriented reworkings of classical compositions, while the second half are mellow synthesizer-only mixes that I thought you might find interesting.

Released: 2004 - Genre: Classical Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 48




With a love of both synthesizers and classical music, this album represents two great tastes that go together. It features a diverse array of popular classical tunes reworked with analog and digital synthesizers. Includes all 15 of Bach's two-part inventions!

Released: 2004 - Genre: Classical (with Synthesizers)
Catalog Number: Opus 47



Hallucinagenic Remixes

This is a companion to 'Herban Hi Phidelity' - a compilation of remixes, edits and b-sides. I'd call it an EP, but the total playing time pushes over an hour - so I thought I'd cheat and call it a compilation.

Released: 2003 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 44



Herban High Phidelity

This album is a percussion-driven electronic jazz album, and on that note, it also is probably my favorite record I've recorded so far. If I had recorded this just a year or two later, it would've had a completely different tone - due to the fact that software based recording had taken me by storm. But because it was recorded before I discovered software based recording in full, this record was done using REAL analog synthesizers, a real analog mixing board with knobs and faders and a good portion of it was laid down first on a reel-to-reel tape deck before being mixed down to a digital format. At the beginning of 2001 in Seattle, we had a major earthquake that shook the area. Of course, I had my tape recorder running the whole time - capturing news broadcasts as information was becoming available. Those samples are appropriately woven in and out of the album.

Released: 2002 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 43




These tracks were made with a lot of love and inspiration from the trip-hop movement of the late 1990's. I was delving deeply into lo-fi sampling and, more specifically, drum looping. A lot of the tracks have a very specific sound in the drums which was a result of the 12-bit sampling limit of my Korg sampler and the effects chain I ran it through. The result was unique and I have never since been able to duplicate the tone using other equipment. I also used the same effect on some tracks from the album 'Herban High Phidelity'.

Released: 2000 - Genre: DJ Culture
Catalog Number: Opus 38




Like a film-score to a film not-yet made, 'Fragrance' feels like the soundtrack to something spectacular. These tracks were written to have a very story-like sequence. These is a little bit of everything in here - from beautiful soundscapes mixed in with driving dance beats to funky retro loops to giant washes of sound. I feel like this album is a must have to your electronic music collection...

Released: 1997 - Genre: Electronic Dance Funk and Atmospheric
Catalog Number: Opus 36




From deep techno beats and heavy analog bass lines to funky drum machine breaks and synth hits, this album is exactly what I was trying to do in 1994. I was spending time with a party crowd, going out to dance clubs and raves, and everywhere we went we were listening to techno. Listening to this record now, I feel it has a unique spin on the electronic-techno scene. The tracks are much more progressive and melodic than a lot of the 12 inch singles that were popular for that time. It was probably due to my jazz influence and love of pop music - the melodies just got worked in somehow.

Released: 1994 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 31



Jazberry Jam

I had always wanted to make a recording on a real acoustic grand piano but up until 1994, hadn't really had much opportunity. In the summertime, it worked out so that I could have a short time alone at my buddy's grandparent's house while they were away on vacation. They had a nice Yamaha grand piano that didn't get much use, but was regularly tuned. I jumped at the opportunity.

Released: 1994 - Genre: Solo Jazz Piano
Catalog Number: Opus 30




This is essentially a compilation of instrumental tracks I recorded during 1992-1994. Some of these tracks are instrumental versions of album tracks. Some of them are instrumental versions of vocal tracks that were on Synthetic Chocolate albums. Others are tracks that were intended for that purpose, but never used. I eventually had enough of these recordings to make this compilation possible, so I picked the best ones and viola! Now you can have 'em too.

Released: 1993 - Genre: Electronic Jazzy
Catalog Number: Opus 26



Gummi Bear

All of these tracks have a sort of bond because they were born of the same jazzy spirit. Originally, most of these tracks were created as guide tracks for a live show. The rest of the tracks were various jazzy experiments that I was doodling with at the time, and this whole compilation just sort of came together on it's own! Basically to save these from the trash bin.

Released: 1993 - Genre: Electronic Jazz
Catalog Number: Opus 25



Magic Glasses

Being an electronic music enthusiast since high school, I had recently explored a few new age records and got a little inspired. Most of these tracks began as experiments on my sequencer and evolved into soundscapes... I would best describe this album as mood inspiring background music, especially considering that I recorded most of this without any strong melodies purposefully (outside of solo sections). It was meant to be mood enhancing.

Released: 1993 - Genre: Electronic Experimental New Age
Catalog Number: Opus 24




These tracks were orphaned, maybe for the better or maybe not. So I created this compilation to serve as a home for them. Having just recently aquired a hardware sequencer (a recorder for synthesizers) and a mutli-timbral synthesizer, I spent many late nights looping sequences and drum beats. Sometimes I would get so wrapped up in what I was doing that I'd still be making music when the sun came up the next morning. These tracks are the ones that actually made tape at some point in time. This compilation was put together to save these from the trash...

Released: 1993 - Genre: Experimental Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 23



X Is For Remix

As a companion to Dee Is For Dance, these are alternate versions, remixes, and a few bonus tracks not included on the previous compilation.

Released: 1992 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 22



Dee Is For Dance

Between the years 1990 and 1992, I was in college and had begun to acquire better noise makers and recording gear. These tracks were the result of those new machines - new drum machines, keyboards, a hardware midi sequencer, and making Hi-Fi recordings on VHS tapes instead of cassettes (much better sound). House music was just coming onto the dance scene so I was definitely oriented towards that genre on most of the tracks.

Released: 1992 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 21



Rocky Mountain Highs (best of 1986-1989)

If there were such a thing as a greatest hits for my early recordings created while I was in high school, this would be it. For the compilation, I remixed some of the original tracks with a little bit of reverb (they were a bit dry), and a few of them got sliced and diced from their original form. So even if you have the earlier records, this release might prove to be interesting due to the shorter versions and improved sound quality on some of the tracks.

Released: 1990 - Genre: Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 13



Analog To Digital

Of the tapes that I affectionately call the 'early years', this is the last of them. I believe that it is my favorite, as well. It has all of the elements of a good dance music record with a lot of melody and more musicality than my previous works. I put a little bit of everything I had in me, at the time, into making this tape - including some pretty crazy digital delay experimentation on some of the new age tracks.

Released: 1989 - Genre: Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 12



Dirty Dishes

Since all of these recordings were made while I was still in high school and living with my religious and conservative parents, I had to hide some of them away (the so-called dirty songs) on an alternate cassette that I eventually called 'Dirty Dishes'. Nothing too crazy here, except the juvenille humor of a seventeen year old boy whose hormones had gotten the best of him.

Released: 1989 - Genre: Electronic Dance (r-rated)
Catalog Number: Opus 11




I was nearing the end of my high school days (I was a senior), and I was pushing the abilities of my tiny bedroom recording studio to it's maximum. I'd picked up a digital delay from the local pawn shop and was learning tricks with it. The radio stations were pushing 'dance' music and house mixes, which in turn influenced a lot of what I was working on. This album is part dance record and part pop.

Released: 1989 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 10



Christmas Presense

This was my 'official' homemade Christmas album I created while I was a junior in high school. I wanted it to sound electronic and technical, so I tried to pick sounds that were 'synthy', so to speak. While creating this, I got kind of bored of Christmas tunes and mixed in a few classical pieces I'd learned, but with the addition of my drum machine. Ah, the wonderful and very appropriate sound of THAT drum machine! Especially on a Christmas album...

Released: 1988 - Genre: Christmas Electronic Experimental
Catalog Number: Opus 9



Love The Body

What can I say about this album other than I was seventeen years old, listened to dance music circa 1988, and was an average sex-obsessed horny teenage boy. The album title and concept completely revolve around themes of an 'adult nature' - the sampled breathing, the track titles and the pounding dance beats.

Released: 1988 - Genre: Electronic Dance
Catalog Number: Opus 8




Growing up in church, I was fascinated with certain mysterious bible verses, such as this one: I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. (Matthew 19:24). So I built the bulk of this recording as a concept album revolving around that verse. I had just bought a sampler, and was experimenting with vocal sampling and using my voice as a kind of 'guide' or narrator. Highlights include a comedy track mimicking my mother yelling at the neighbor's dog (true story!).

Released: 1988 - Genre: Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 7



Leftovers - Alternate Mixes

This is kind of a 'catching up' compilation featuring alternate versions of some of my early tracks, and includes 2 early compositions not found on other releases (I didn't know what else to do with them). Included is a piano composition I created for a college contest (I got honorable mention). Unfortunately, a poor quality cassette recording is the only recording I have of this piece (I no longer have the score, which I painstakingly created by hand).

Released: 1987 - Genre: Electronic and Experimental
Catalog Number: Opus 6




The title track of this record was composed while I was on a road trip with my family to California for Christmas. I was humming out the idea and the melody just got stuck in my head. At first, it was pleasing to think about and I kept singing it to myself so I wouldn't forget it until I got home. I sang it over and over in my brain. But pretty soon, it became a nightmare that I couldn't shake, looping endlessly in my brain, even when other music was playing! I would hear it going to sleep and it would be waiting for me when I woke up the next morning. Upon returning home, I finally purged myself of it by recording it - many versions in fact. It became the theme of my new album and three versions are presented here, each with it's own twist.

Released: 1987 - Genre: Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 5




At this point in my musical journey, I began wanting to become an accomplished composer and producer. I started pushing the limits of the recording techniques I was using, adding more complex instrumentation than before and experimenting with alternative ways of recording. So why is the theme all about Mathmatics? I don't really remember specifically, but for a short time in high school, I THOUGHT I was pretty interested in math because of a cute girl I knew who was REALLY into math.

Released: 1987 - Genre: Electronic Instrumental
Catalog Number: Opus 004




I was really into Miami Vice and this was my Sophomore year at Rocky Mountain High School - which was about the furthest thing from Florida you could imagine. For this album , I planned the tracks much more carefully than before with attention to recording quality as well as performance. The funny thing is that while I was creating a lot of these songs, I actually imagined I was recording this album for an action movie like Vice! If only I'd had a pair of those silky pants with a matching jacket...

Released: 1987 - Genre: Electronic Instrumental
Catalog Number: Opus 003




After owning a synthesizer for several months, I realized that everything would be much cooler if I had a drum machine to compliment my music. Overly excited about my new drum machine action, I began skipping school like mad - only to stay home and build 'beats' while my parents were at work. These machines were incredibly fascinating to a fifteen year old kid who'd never been exposed to such cool electronics. Originally recorded on a crappy cassette tape.

Released: 1987 - Genre: Experimental Electronic (instrumental)
Catalog Number: Opus 002




Growing up in the snow laden foothills of Colorado, I spent a lot of my childhood indoors playing with electronics and stereo equipment. I finally got my hands on a real synthesizer when I was fifteen years old. Fascinated with it, I raced home everyday after school to mess around with making music on it. This is the oldest surviving recording I made as a kid - and the first recording I ever made with a synthesizer (my earlier efforts were all made with a microphone and odds and ends around the house). Originally recorded on cassette tape.

Released: 1986 - Genre: Experimental Electronic
Catalog Number: Opus 001



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