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There are 4 official releases.


Wave contains a very contemporary electronic mix with some of the most commercially accessible tracks that Reinguitarnation have recorded thus far. Employing clever mixing techniques used in the electronic music scene, but rarely used with live instruments, the tracks are fresh but rooted.

Released: 2012 - Genre: Guitar Electronica
Catalog Number: RIG-04

Download No charge - Promise to help a homeless person sometime




A nice blend of heavier rock guitar and bold keyboards with big sounding beats. Contains the sleepy hit single, The Long Longing, as well as the frantic Hornets Nest At Night.

Released: 2011 - Genre: Guitar Electronica
Catalog Number: RIG-03

Download No charge - It's Our Treat




Welcome to the dreamier side of A Google Of Noodles. These tracks explore some of the more atmospheric tones and downbeat.

Released: 2004 - Genre: Guitar Electronica
Catalog Number: RIG-02




This project began when two musician friends from different bands came together one afternoon for a light jam session. They recorded it, and it became a tradition for them - every time they hung out, they would record a jam session and edit it. Eventually, this led to a bank of recordings - this being the first compilation of the best of them.

Released: 2002 - Genre: Guitar Electronica
Catalog Number: RIG-01



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