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The Consul
Neuro-Harmonic Programming Biodata From The Intergalactic Hub

Humanity has come to the cusp of evolutionary destiny. The fate of the species will soon be decided. You shall evolve or you shall diminish into nothingness. Every species in the galaxy has faced this challenge; some have evolved and risen to assume their place in the galactic community while others have faded into history. The Consul are here as representatives of the Intergalactic Council Negative Entropy Comission (and intergalactic NGO chartered to monitor, guide and provide assistance to "cusp" systems), to observe humanity's preparedness for the coming transition, because Earth and humanity have reached the penultimate state of critical mass and delicate balance where circumstances will force either radical evolution or eventual passage into oblivion.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP - our music serves as a guide for the creative and creationary path that manifests ultimate evolution. Humanity must learn that creativity and creation are the ticket to galactic membership and the key to continuing evolution. The Consul holds the key to that evolution - a series of RNA activation codes that will, if applied, activate a wide range of previously dormant bio-genetic hardware that lies hidden deep within the human genome. The RNA activation codes are accessed and triggered through transcortical direct-interface neuro-harmonic programming transmitted musically as subsonic encrypted biodata bursts.

This music, which some Earthlings have curiously called "Disturbingly Dub-Danceable Metalijazz Stunt Funk", is a fractal data compression of all of the knowledge and creative energy of the intergalactic community. The Consul operate as a relay station - transmitting information and observations from Earth to the Intergalactic Council, and receiving and re-transmitting a constant stream of neuro-harmonic programming biodata from the Intergalactic Hub. It is this stream that The Consul reproduces as music for their human audience, so that humanity might have some small taste of the rewards that lay ahead.

* Should you choose the difficult but noble path of evolution and intergalactic community membership. More evolved humans may learn more of The Consul at interactivejack.com, and those in search of the evolutionary key need only subject themselves to The Consul's readily available neuro-harmonic programming CD, "Diplomatic Immunity."

The Consul... facilitating neuro-harmonic realignment since 1999.