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  Spiral Anne

From Junkbox To Booklet

The story of Spiral Anne begins in the winter during a severe rain storm in Seattle. Keyboardist and electronics enthusiast, Dave Flowers, was looking for a roommate when a mutual friend introduced him to Patrick MacKinnon, a local rock and roll guitarist with almost celebrity status in Seattle. The two were as different as night and day, but became fast friends.

Living together proved to be worthy as they started collaborating on music almost daily, recording their jam sessions and song ideas in Dave's project studio. Before long, they had accumulated enough songs for an EP and begin passing them out to friends. Eventually, they realized that their different styles lent to an interesting combination and they decided to take their recording a bit more seriously. Their first full-length debut, 'Junkbox', plays like a story broken into three acts. Mixed with instrumental sections, the album's raw, rock and roll edge mixed with the fancy digital editing and carefully constructed electronic elements makes for quite a ride! They followed this release with 'Trickbox', a collection of dance mixes based on the Junkbox album.

Thier album, 'Booklet', has a brilliant line-up of new electro-rock songs and jams featuring many guest artists, including a song sung by JT, lead singer of the electro-pop group Synthetic Chocolate, a special jam session track featuring Zane Williams from The Consul, and the incredible drumming of Tommy Cook on several tracks. 'Booklet' has a nice mixture of polished, produced tracks (like 'Love The Rain', the first single) interspersed with loose, organic jam sessions. A remix album featuring alternate versions is also available.

Spiral Anne are local to Seattle and has become a side project, as they are often working on multiple projects outside of the band.