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  Dave Flowers

The Mad Scientist Of Sound
Anything Is Possible In The Recording Studio

Growing up in the snow-laden mountains of Colorado, Dave Flowers spent much of his school years indoors - playing keyboards with his headphones on, modifying components of his makeshift recording studio, and carefully planning his escape from his parents house in the foothills. When the opportunity arrived, he packed up his electronics and headed out to pursue a career in music. Eventually, the long and winding highway led him to a special place in the Northwest United States; Seattle.

Over the years, Dave Flowers has recorded almost 80 solo albums, with almost every instrument being played, recorded and engineered himself. When not working on his own albums, he is producing, engineering and playing on other artists releases. When asked if he would still sign a record deal with a major label, he simply says "a lot of musicians want to be rock stars. I don't care about that stuff. I just want to be free to make music the way I feel it and nothing less."

Because he is not signed to a major label, he has freedom to write and produce anything that he desires, without the commercial restrictions that most signed artists must contend with. It is due to this that his library of works is so diverse. Most major labels would never allow an artist to release so many projects commercially crossing so many genres and styles, let alone give a single artist complete creative control over each project - including song arrangements, engineering choices, and cover art.

Regarding the cover artwork: as each album was completed, an appropriate piece of visual art was created for it. For those who haven't yet noticed, there is an ongoing theme present in every cover - a flower. As a complete works, Dave Flowers' discography can be thought of as a lifetime-long art project, a musical diary documenting the life and shifting perspectives of a learning musician circa 2000 AD.

Dave Flowers currently lives in Seattle with his lovely girlfiend and wife, Angela. He continues to record multiple projects at once in his own studio (the Flower Pot Recording Studio), play music with his friends, and operate a successful multimedia company (Amped Multimedia).