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The Science Of Sound Meets Organic Production
Emotional Electronic Intelligence

Growing up in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado, Supaflower spent his high school days creatively missing school and staying home to play with electronics. At sixteen, he had a fully functional recording studio, a couple of synthesizers and drum machines, and the drive to create music.

He has saved all of his recordings from that point on, in a life-long art project. These recordings range in style and quality, but provide a unique insight into an artist throughout development. In addition to the music, each release contains unique artwork that has maintained a common theme throughout.

Being a completely independent artist, Supaflower has freedoms that many of the famous artists of our time don't have. Having virtually no pressure from managers or record company executives, he creates in his home studio at will. He is in the unique position to record and release experimental projects, or long-winded jam session mixes without any fear of commercial failure. What that means for the listener is that there is no compromise with what you hear - it is released as intended by the artist.

If you are just discovering Supaflower, you might want to start with 'Disco Smile' - a collection of some of the more commercial tracks. A few other recent compilations stand-out:

'Triple Exclaimation', is both an exploratory mission into the beauty and mystery of artistic music, while still being commercially viable. Some of the tracks are most definitely instant classic dance tracks that will pick you up off of your feet, while others are jazzy, classically-influenced, and experimental in nature.

Although there are common elements among the numerous recordings, each Supaflower album is a unique journey. 'Funk Shway' is a jazz record featuring mostly organic instrumentation, as though it were recorded in 1971. Filled with 70's sounds like the Hammond B3 Organ, old drum kits, wah-wah rhythm guitars, and vintage keyboards, Funk Shway plays like the perfect soundtrack to a cheesy seventies porno.

'Chill Pill Thriller' is a mellow record that contains only two tracks, each of them almost 40 minutes long. The beats are best described as ambient, and the tempo was purposely designed to slow down towards the end of the record, making it perfect for late evening listening or romantic endeavors. Then each section was remixed and extended in a two volume compilation entitled 'Thrill Chill Refill'.

On yet another release, 'Herban High Phidelity', Supaflower delves deep into drum looping and beat scooping with multidimensional layers of complex polyrhythms and samples. Once the beat is solidified, additional layers of bass and analogue synthesizers are added. Warm, slightly-distorted vintage pianos improvise jazz solos and chord comping throughout the recording, often bringing back memories of Herbie Hancock and other great keyboardists from the past. The finishing touch is an eclectic set of samples from news reels, presidential speeches and other various spoken word records to give it substance, often times tying together interesting themes and moral suggestions.

Just barely scratching the surface of electronically based music, the future is bright. What's next, you may ask... Full of surprises, Supaflower has promised to keep the records coming for enlightened listeners decades ahead.