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Organic Meets Synthetic
What Is Guitar Electronica?

Two friends. One is an electronic enthusiasts with years of experience in the recording studio and lots of noise making gadgets. The other is a phenomenal guitarist with massive technique and style. Both friends are overflowing with creativity that doesn't fit in the standard band-sized box.

They begin recording their jam sessions when they weren't practicing with other bands. Soon, the tracks start stacking up - so they decided to compile them into an EP.

Many years later, they are still recording and having the same fun experience that started over 10 years ago. Their approach is simple - no rules, except having fun with music.

What has happened is that there are many gems that have surfaced through this somewhat improvisational recording practice, and that's what is presented here through their releases.

Finally having actual distribution left them with an interesting question - what genre is it? The best answer is guitar electronica, which can best be described as what happens when a virtuoso progressive rock guitarist meets a keyboard wizard that loves beats.