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  The Consul
 Price of Fortune
 Price of Fortune (pt 2)

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The Consul
Price Of Fortune

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Track List 
1  Price of Fortune    13:07 
2  Trichotomy    11:02 
3  ProMagnatron    13:43 
4  Mambo Trap    18:03.0000000000001 
5  1 of Ones    12:29 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 68:26 minutes - 5 tracks

The journey continues with their second full length release: Price of Fortune. This album is the second in a series of Neuro-Harmonic Realignment Data. Neuro-Harmonic Programming (NHP) - Executive Summary: A system of neurogenetic realignment. Applies targeted fourth-dimensional sonic manipulation arrays, in sympathetic field resonance with substructual amino-protein chain architecture. Discovered and patented early in Earth's third millennium A.D. (local time) by The Consul. The Consul's proprietary content development process isolates and reproduces recombinant multivector rhythmic and tonal matrices (Sonic Overlay Neuro-Genetic Sequences, or SONGS) triggering controlled envelope calibrations in domesticated primate neurophysiology.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in Seattle WA.

All songs written and performed by The Consul. Anders Burggren, Bass; Jacob Savishinsky, Drums; Zane Williams, Guitar.

• Genre: Progressive Funk Rock Something
• Release Date: May 2005
• Catalog Number: TC 02

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