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  Synthetic Chocolate
 You And Me
 Slowly Melting
 Distracted By Reality
 You Could Never Love Nobody Else

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Synthetic Chocolate
Via Satelite

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Track List 
1  Transmission Complete    1:24 
2  You And Me    6:00 
3  Mirror Girl    5:05 
4  Regret It    4:45 
5  Run    5:18 
6  Anytime At All    3:16 
7  Last Song (featuring Nathan McCoy)    5:56 
8  Special Blue Light    4:05 
9  Satelite    4:45 
10  You Never Finish What You Start    6:06 
11  Slowly Melting    4:54 
12  Distracted By Reality (featuring MC J from the UK)    4:28 
13  Window    4:22 
14  You Could Never Love Nobody Else    6:53 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 67:24 minutes - 14 tracks

Via Satelite is the duo's first album in almost 10 years and well worth the wait! With lots of great beats, funky synth sounds, and the multi-layered vocals of JT, this album is great for exercising or dancing or just sitting and grooving to. It contains an hour of upbeat electro-pop tunes specifically designed for the active individual, including the hit single 'Regret It.'

Recording Notes:
The instrumental portions of this album were recorded at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle, then sent via internet to JT. He then listened to the tracks and added multi-layered vocals in his studio in Bakersfield, California. The tracks were then sent back to Seattle, where they were completely remodeled for the vocal parts, then mixed and mastered.

All instruments/vocals composed, performed, and recorded by Dave Flowers/Jon Talamantes (except where noted).

• Genre: Electropop
• Release Date: September 2010
• Catalog Number: Polyester 10

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