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  Dave Flowers
 Spectrum Analysis
 Captain Seattle
 Electric Mystery
 Midnight Epiphany

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Dave Flowers
Spectrum Analysis

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Track List 
1  Spectrum Analysis    5:07 
2  Captain Seattle    5:25 
3  Electric Mystery    7:00 
4  Brain Soup    3:34 
5  Magic Mushroom Tea    5:12 
6  Sustain    4:30 
7  Late Night Epiphany - Spectrum Reprise    5:57 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 36:48 minutes - 7 tracks

Written mostly around my 27th year, this is a contemplative album with a loose central theme. Maybe one could even call it a rock opera...

Recording Notes:
The songs on this album were created in two separate chunks. The instrumentation was originally recorded onto a VCR tape, just for my personal listening while I was working out the vocal arrangements. Due to an unfortunate accident, I lost the source material to these songs. I abandoned them, only to find the VCR tape years later. I digitized the tape, noise and clicks and all. One day, I decided to finish them, regardless. So I recorded the original lyrics with fresh vocals and dubbed a few extra finishing touches and edits to the existing tapes. The result is better than I could have done, had I finished them back in 1998.

Recorded at the Flowerpot, Seattle, USA.

• Genre: Electronic Pop Vocal
• Release Date: November 2001
• Catalog Number: Opus 40

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