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  Dave Flowers
 Not Afraid Of Dying

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Dave Flowers

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Track List 
1  If There Is No God    4:46 
2  I'm Not Afraid Of Dying    5:11 
3  Entropy    3:42 
4  Midnight Epiphany    5:46 
5  Document    4:39 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 24:06 minutes - 5 tracks

Album Notes:
The opening track is a philosophical song about creationism - I was brought up in a Christian home and taught that God was the only way. Here I reflect that if there isn't a God, it would still all be okay in my opinion.

Following the theme, 'Not Afraid Of Dying' was an agnostic gospel tune I wrote when I was in my early 20's. I played it on the piano all the time and just never got around to recording it until now.

'Late Night Epiphany' was originally going to have lyrics, but I got a little carried away playing around with my Prince-like guitar solo. It kind of got consumed by it!

'Entropy' was written around the time of Deflowered in 2002-2003. I actually recorded all of the instruments back then, but never completed the vocals. Finally, six or seven years later, I got around to it.

'Document' was a piano piece I'd written in 2003 but waited to record. The middle section came about suddenly while I was in the middle of recording - something not really planned. I liked it, so I left it included.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studio in Seattle USA

all tracks composed, arranged, performed and engineered by dave flowers.

• Genre: Pop Rock Vocals
• Release Date: March 2009
• Catalog Number: Opus 59

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