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 Herban High Phidelity Nurple Dub
 Jan 2 2002 Short Version
 New Years Day Solo Jam

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Hallucinagenic Remixes

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Track List 
1  Herban Hi Phidelity (nurple dub)    6:29 
2  Jan 02 2002 (short version)    5:12 
3  Hitz From The Thong (extended)    8:05.0000000000001 
4  Herban High Phidelity (extended)    10:14 
5  Buzzword (single version)    3:30 
6  Smooth Jazz Summer Sounds (remix)    2:19 
7  New Years Day Solo Jam    7:14 
8  Trippin Daisies    4:05 
9  Hallucinagenic (single version)    4:13 
10  Herban Hi Phidelity (single version)    4:09 
11  Jan 02 2002 (long version)    10:18 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 65:53 minutes - 11 tracks

This is a companion to 'Herban Hi Phidelity' - a compilation of remixes, edits and b-sides. I'd call it an EP, but the total playing time pushes over an hour - so I thought I'd cheat and call it a compilation.

Recording Notes:
Recorded 2002-2003 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle. Recorded on 8-track reel-to-reel analog tape and mixed to CD-R. Synthesizers used include the Roland Juno-106 and Roland JX-8P analog synthesizers, the Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer, the Korg Poly-800, the Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas, and the Boss DR-660 drum machine.

All instruments composed, performed, recorded and engineered by Dave Flowers except where noted. Guest performances include Erin Hockett, Angela Roth, Dave Cortez and Jesse Vena.

• Genre: DJ Culture
• Release Date: May 2003
• Catalog Number: Opus 44

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