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 Bach Prelude And Fugue Remix
 Bach Invention Remix
 Bach Invention 3 Remix

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Alternate Etude

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Track List 
1  Bach - Prelude and Fugue (lude mix)    5:58 
2  Bach - Invention 14, 1, 13 (triple dipped mix)    5:15 
3  Bach - Invention 3 (beat bachs mix)    2:05 
4  Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (supaflower ode to ludwig mix)    4:02 
5  Bach - Invention 10 (bach to basics mix)    2:09 
6  Mozart - Requiem (mini mix)    1:52 
7  Chopin Prelude in Cm (trip drop mix)    2:10 
8  Bach - Two Part Invention 1 (alternate version)    1:19 
9  Bach - Two Part Invention 13 (quick brass mix)    1:20 
10  Bach - Two Part Invention 14 (strings mix)    1:32 
11  Greig - Elfentanz (midi mix)    1:27 
12  Bach - Prelude and Fugue (midi mix)    4:03 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 33:18 minutes - 12 tracks

Having a love for classical music is almost natural for a pianist - since a lot of classical music was written on and for the piano. When I was in high school, a friend of mine showed me an album of classical music made with synthesizers. Being a big fan of electronic music, I was instantly hooked - I always wanted to do my own 'version' of such a record! The catch was that I felt many classical songs would benefit from adding beats to them, something that affectionados would abhore! This EP is a collection of classical 'remixes'. The first half of the tracks are beat-oriented reworkings of classical compositions, while the second half are mellow synthesizer-only mixes that I thought you might find interesting.

Recording Notes:
Recorded various dates between 2000-2004 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle. Compiled in November 2004. Synthesizers used include the Access Virus C synth, the Roland JX-8P analog synth, Roland Juno-106 analog synth and the Korg MS-2000 synth.

All instruments recorded and engineered by supaflower. Compositions by Mozart, Bach, Greig and Chopin. Track 4 composed by supaflower based on the chord progression from Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

• Genre: Classical Electronic Dance
• Release Date: April 2004
• Catalog Number: Opus 48

Additional Images:

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