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 Honey Bear Refresher Remix
 Prettiest Part Disco Mix

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Shazy Lazy

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Track List 
1  Monophonic Mama (extended dance mix)    5:51 
2  The Honey Bear Refresher (sweet remix)    4:40 
3  The Prettiest Part Of Your Body (disco mix)    4:22 
4  The Lowrider Jeans Lean (old skull mix)    4:05 
5  Shazy Lazy (jam session demo)    3:59 
6  I Think The Medicine Is Working (cut and paste mix)    8:33 
7  Potato Chip Hip (jam session demo)    4:03 
8  Drunk Drummer (jam session demo)    3:42 
9  Family Tree 71 (conversation clip)    1:46 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 41:05 minutes - 9 tracks

Album Notes:
This is a companion to 'Funk Shway'. It contains some interesting remixes of tracks on the album as well as some tracks recorded during the sessions for Funk Shway.

The title track is a mellow guitar track I recorded early one morning (around 3 AM). I originally had it as part of the album, but later replaced it with 'Zen Cakes'. I love when the low bass comes in...

The other two jam session tracks weren't originally keepers, but on second listen, I decided that they could fit in on this EP.

The conversation at the end is an excerpt of a tape recorded by my father on the day they brought me home from the hospital (after being born) in 1971. They are discussing my family tree...

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studio, Seattle, USA

all tracks composed, arranged, performed and engineered by supaflower.

• Genre: Funk Jazz Electronic Demo
• Release Date: February 2008
• Catalog Number: Opus 57

Additional Images:

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