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 Loop Scoop
 Old School Drool
 Analog Tag Along
 Eighties Ladies

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Loop Scoop

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Track List 
1  Loop Scoop    11:10 
2  Stanky Dank    4:30 
3  Eighties Ladies    8:27 
4  Bach Beat    3:12 
5  Old School Drool    16:07 
6  Clue Stew    7:04 
7  Analog Tag Along    10:00 
8  Hint Of Halli    4:51 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 65:25 minutes - 8 tracks

Album Notes:
This is a highly experimental project for me, incorporating unusual recording techniques and unconventional methods of 'song writing.' It started as a desire to create a drum and bass album... and ended up being a journey through electronic sound.

The opening track was done using an large number of short drum loops flying in and out of the mix in stereo - thus the name 'loop scoop.' In addition, I sampled a number of bass lines played live directly from the Korg MS-2000 and triggered them against the drums. Doing this allowed me to have a large number of timbres in the bass without having to program a bunch of patches and switch them manually.

The second track has a funny story to it's creation. When I was in high school, one of my piano playing friends (Fred Ramirez) owned a little electronic drum pad thing made by a toy manufacturer - called the Mattel Synsonic Drums. It had four drum pads and sounded unique. His parents finally bought him a 'real' drum machine and he sold the Synsonics to me. I owned them for a short time and then passed the Synsonics on to another musician friend. Years later, I remembered the unique sound of that strange little toy and began searching for one on the internet. Soon enough, I found one - sealed-in-the-box - for a mere 10 bucks!

One evening, I hooked it up to a wah-wah pedal through my electric guitar setup and away I went - mixing the cool drum sounds of the Synsonics with guitar effects. This formed the basic drum track of 'Stanky Dank.' Since it wasn't able to be synced up to the rest of my gear, I recorded the rest of the instruments over the top of it in real time. This gave a distinct human feel to the track - especially the almost floating electric piano solo.

I recorded 'Bach Beat' much the same way - initially recording a drum part using various samples from toy synthesizers, then manipulating them through various effects, and finally layering synth parts in real-time over the top of the drum tracks.

'Old School Drool' features ever-switching samples from a massive library of antique drum machines, including everything from the popular Roland and Linn boxes to the rare and virtually never-heard-of machines.

'Analog Tag Along' was an experiment with a set of gorgeous classical-ish chords and the arpeggiator section of the Korg MS2000 synthesizer. I never really owned a keyboard that had a decent arpeggiator, so this was my first real piece using one. Simple but beautiful.

The final track on the record ('Hint Of Hali') not only sounds rather strange but was created in a strange process. Composed entirely on the Access Virus C, I recorded each track with the rest of the tracks muted (so I couldn't hear anything else but what I was currently playing). It was kind of like driving with your eyes closed! I didn't anticipate that this track would be a keeper, after all - it was merely an experiment. But I really liked the results and decided that it fit perfectly at the end of the album.

All-in-all, this collection of recordings represents a period of experimentation and trying out new things.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in Seattle, USA at the Flowerpot on a Tascam CDRW5000

all tracks composed, performed, arranged and engineered by supaflower.

• Genre: Electronic
• Release Date: September 2005
• Catalog Number: Opus 51

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