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 This Is My House Mix
 Swing Thing
 Pb And Jelly Jam

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Dee Is For Dance

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Track List 
1  This Is My House    3:57 
2  Dubbing Ahead    4:31 
3  Sequencer 1991    2:28 
4  Mellow D Mix    3:12 
5  Dee Is For Dance    5:36 
6  Digital Lolipop    2:30 
7  Houseguest    4:00 
8  Swing Thing    3:41 
9  Bell Song    2:18 
10  Butterflies (dub six)    5:22 
11  Remembering The Good    3:14 
12  Suck Up That Jazz    2:34 
13  Wedding Bells (acid house mix)    3:30 
14  Drawbars (almost live)    3:52 
15  PB and J Jam    2:38 
16  Fusion Blue    3:42 
17  Jamity Jam    2:23 
18  This Is My House Reprise    3:30 
19  Nostalgia    3:13 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 66:20 minutes - 19 tracks

Between the years 1990 and 1992, I was in college and had begun to acquire better noise makers and recording gear. These tracks were the result of those new machines - new drum machines, keyboards, a hardware midi sequencer, and making Hi-Fi recordings on VHS tapes instead of cassettes (much better sound). House music was just coming onto the dance scene so I was definitely oriented towards that genre on most of the tracks.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot in Bakersfield and Modesto California using Yamaha DX-27, Roland Juno 106, Boss DR-660 Drum Machine, Brother Sequencer, and 2 Sony VHS Hi-Fi decks.

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by Supaflower.

• Genre: Electronic Dance
• Release Date: February 1992
• Catalog Number: Opus 21

Additional Images:

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