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  Spiral Anne
 Streets Of Gold
 Brother To The Wind

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Spiral Anne

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Track List 
1  Brother To The Wind    4:11 
2  Evelyn    3:13 
3  Flying    5:25 
4  Seasons    5:37 
5  Remember Me    4:12 
6  Broken    4:16 
7  Raw Deal (featuring Sarah Badgley)    6:22 
8  Splinter    3:50 
9  Let Go    5:15 
10  Heaven Push    5:14 
11  Streets of Gold    4:12 
12  Reminiscent    9:22 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 61:15 minutes - 12 tracks

Broken into three acts, these are songs filled with the emotional struggle of an artist craving more and getting less. It varies musically from the raw, edgy and lyrically disturbing "Raw Deal" to the heavy-rock-industrial sound of "Broken" to the emotional anthem "Streets of Gold."

Recording Notes:
Recorded 1999 to 2001 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle.

All songs by MacKinnon/Flowers. except Evelyn and Streets of Gold by MacKinnon/Cortez. Guitar, Bass and Vocals: Patrick MacKinnon - Keyboards, Synth Bass, Drums and Programming: Dave Flowers - Flute on Raw Deal: Sarah Badgley

• Genre: Rock with a hint of flamenco, jazz and electronica
• Release Date: March 2001
• Catalog Number: Spiral 1

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