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  Dave Flowers

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Dave Flowers
Organically Grown (second edition)

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Track List 
1  Rock And Roll Man    4:13 
2  Boy Wonder    4:50 
3  The H In Hollywoodland    1:57 
4  Bonzo Goes To The Moon    2:48 
5  Electric Fire Child    5:27 
6  Searching Las Vegas    5:12 
7  Russian Rapunzel    4:59 
8  Your Sisters In Trouble    3:25 
9  News Brief    3:09 
10  Bootleg Break One    2:25 
11  Heaven In Seattle    4:06 
12  Celebrity Requiem    3:08 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 45:45 minutes - 12 tracks

After listening to the mix of Organically Grown for a couple of months, I decided to go back to the master tapes, re-edit the tracks, and mix each from scratch with the goal of a more polished, commercial sound. Although the original arrangement, instrumentation and performance are mostly intact, the tone and flow of the album feels new and different. So I decided to make it available to those interested in hearing it. Otherwise known as the commercial mix.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in the flowerpot studio, seattle using a fostex 8-track analogue reel-to-reel, Behringer 32 channel 8 bus mixing console, Neumann Condensor Microphone, Shure Microphones and a variety of other microphones. Gretsch drums, Zildjan cymbals, Guild acoustic guitar, custom bass, Fender stratocaster, Bundy trumpet, Takamine 12 string, various percussion toys and instruments, Yamaha piano.

all instruments, vocals and music performed, composed, arranged and engineered by dave flowers.

• Genre: Vocal Pop, Funk and Rock
• Release Date: December 2012
• Catalog Number: Opus 74

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Download Not Currently Available

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