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  Dave Flowers
 Reverberation Remix
 Down Remix
 Flowerchild Remix
 Electric Fingers Remix

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Dave Flowers
Reflowered Remix

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Track List 
1  Reverberation (dance remix)    5:49 
2  Mission Statement (remix)    3:27 
3  Down (remix)    5:04 
4  Weather N Such (pop mix)    4:19 
5  Spectrum Analysis (future mix)    5:54 
6  Redemption Song (reggae version)    4:00 
7  Italian Girl (remix)    4:15 
8  Flowerchild (remix)    5:17 
9  Undivided (dnb mix)    5:58 
10  Electric Fingers (remix)    4:02 
11  Weather N Such (dark mix)    5:58 
12  Tally Ho (remix)    3:36 
13  Redemption Song (1985 pop mix)    4:12 
14  Reverberation (part two)    5:21 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 67:19 minutes - 14 tracks

This is a compilation of the best remixes of the Deflowered sessions tracks. I went back to the master tapes following mixdown, and recreated each song using samples, drum loops and leaving the vocal parts pretty much the way they originally were. Some of the songs sound extremely different while others retain the original style of the Deflowered version.

Recording Notes:
Recorded November 1999 to May 2003 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle using an 8-track analog reel-to-reel tape deck and a variety of instruments and synthesizers. Remixed along the way...

All instruments and vocals composed, performed, recorded and REMIXED by Dave Flowers.

• Genre: Vocal Pop Electronic Remix
• Release Date: February 2004
• Catalog Number: Opus 46

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