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Dave Flowers

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Track List 
1  Flowerchild    5:52 
2  Hairy Mary    3:04 
3  Reverberation (edit)    5:14 
4  Weather N Such (edit)    6:16 
5  Italian Girl    2:42 
6  Tally Ho    2:24 
7  Undivided    4:24 
8  Say Hello    6:34 
9  Electric Fingers (edit)    4:28 
10  Down    3:45 
11  Redemption Song    3:12 
12  Mission Statement    4:27 
13  Mission Statement (part 2 feat Zane Williams)    4:51 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 57:19 minutes - 13 tracks

This album began as a personal recording challenge. Up until around 1999, I had mainly used synthesizers, drum machines and samplers to create music - acoustic instruments were used like spices - sparringly. I decided to try and make some recordings using only natural instruments as sound sources, prohibiting myself from using any electronic sound source from being part of it. Sort of like unplugged... Before long, I was itching to put some synthesizers back into some of the songs. Torn, I decided to start working in whatever medium best fit the tune, regardless if it was synthetic or natural sounds. The rest of the album turned into an eclectic mix of acoustic tracks and electric tracks combined - an accidental masterpiece maybe? Regardless, this album turned out to be a lot of fun, both in creating it and the listening experience it has become.

Recording Notes:
Recorded November 1999 to May 2003 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle using an 8-track analog reel-to-reel tape deck and a variety of instruments and synthesizers.

All instruments and vocals composed, performed and recorded by Dave Flowers except an absolutely amazing guitar solo on 'Mission Statement (part two)' written impromptu by Zane Williams, and 'Redemption Song' written by the master of Reggae.

• Genre: Vocal Pop, Folk and Rock
• Release Date: July 2003
• Catalog Number: Opus 45

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