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  Dave Flowers
 Dont Know What Im Sayin
 Each And Everyday
 Freedom Needs Attention
 Espresso Junkie

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Dave Flowers
Campfire Bongs

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Track List 
1  Pledge Of Allegiance    0:40 
2  Dont Know What I    3:00 
3  Freedom Needs Attention (featuring Zane Williams)    2:22 
4  Each And Everyday    3:07 
5  Do You Realize (featuring Al Woods)    3:23 
6  On Queen Anne    2:28 
7  Oops I Did It Again    1:28 
8  Raspberry Beret    1:32 
9  Say Hello Jam (featuring Zane Williams)    3:48 
10  Espresso Junkie    1:46 
11  En Passant (featuring Michelle Flowers)    2:29 
12  Universe Poem    3:35 
13  Come As You Are    2:15 
14  Oh Darling    2:11 
15  People Are Strange    1:38 
16  Empty Beer Can    4:18 
17  Beautiful World    3:54 
18  Dreamland (featuring Michelle Flowers)    3:06 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 47:09 minutes - 18 tracks

For Christmas 2002, I wanted to make a special CD for people on my list. I decided to put together a quick and short EP (4 or 5 songs) played and recorded very simply - on an acoustic guitar. Once I started playing, it quickly turned into a full album's worth of material... After listening back to the basic tracks, I started adding little lead synthesizer parts and 'presto' - the whole thing started coming alive for me. The sound of the analogue synthesizers mixed beautifully with the natural acoustic guitar - in an almost psychedelic way.

Recording Notes:
Recorded December 2002 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle on 8-track reel-to-reel analog tape using a Guild D-35 acoustic guitar and various analog synthesizers (Roland JX-8P, Roland Juno-106, Korg MS-2000, Korg Poly-800). Microphone used is the Neumann U-102.

All instruments and vocals composed, performed, recorded and engineered by Dave Flowers except the following special guests - Zane Williams: lead guitar/music improvisation on 'Freedom Needs Attention' and 'Say Hello' - Alfonzo Woods: vocals on 'Do You Realize' - Michelle Flowers: vocals and lyrics on 'Dreamland' and 'En Passant' - 'Each And Everyday' written by John Talamantes (from the album 'Pulling The Plug.'). Includes cover tracks.

• Genre: Acoustic Guitar Vocal Songs
• Release Date: December 2002
• Catalog Number: Opus 42

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