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 Kandi Dandi Remix
 Bless This Food Remix

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Rated Triple Remix

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Track List 
1  Triple Exclaimation (rated remix)    2:17 
2  Kandi Dandi (part two)    14:21 
3  Devil's Claw (split mix)    4:25 
4  We Are And Always Will Be (american mix)    4:49 
5  Tower Of Flower (high mix)    6:13 
6  Listening To Laundry (spin cycle mix)    2:13 
7  Gang Squad (hyper disco mix)    4:36 
8  Free Mustache Ride (hip mix)    6:20 
9  Periodically (crime mix)    5:47 
10  Selective Memory (reconfigured)    5:42 
11  Two Thousand Twelve (mayan mix)    4:42 
12  Question Marketing (tiger mix)    5:21 
13  Bless This Food (hook mix)    4:08 
14  Your Beautiful Smile (revisited)    4:34 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 75:35 minutes - 14 tracks

Album Notes:
This is the companion record to the mega-best seller "Triple Exclaimation". The purpose of this exercise was to present an alternate view to the 14 tracks on Triple Exclaimation, via remixes. I opted to keep a lot of the elements similar in many of the tracks, such as song structure and main melodies (themes), while changing up the background dramatically. The idea is that someone would still strongly recognize the tracks when compared to the originals, but that each remix would breathe new life to the existing song.

And then, just for fun, I created a new piece of artwork for each remix.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the flowerpot in Seattle, USA using live acoustic instruments, various authentic analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, and anything else I could get my hands on, along with virtual studio technology and digital recording and editing.

All songs written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: DJ Culture
• Release Date: February 2010
• Catalog Number: Opus 61

Additional Images:

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