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 Kandi Dandi
 Herban High Phidelity
 Laundry Remix
 January 2nd

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Disco Smile (singles collection)

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Track List 
1  Kandi Dandi    4:55 
2  Herban Hi Phidelity    4:09 
3  We Are And Always Will Be (featuring President Obama)    4:09 
4  Loop Scoop    4:21 
5  Monophonic Mama    4:31 
6  Listening To Laundry    2:13 
7  Hallucinagenic    4:13 
8  Question Marketing    5:21 
9  January 2nd (featuring Jesse Vena and Dave Cortez)    4:30 
10  Periodically    3:53 
11  Special Blue Light (featuring Jon Talamantes)    4:59 
12  Old School Drool    4:05 
13  Hieroglyphic    5:24 
14  Strangest Dream    5:37 
15  Chill Pill Thriller    5:03 
16  Universal Alignment and the Lost Melody    6:08 
17  I'll Remember Your Beautiful Smile    5:16 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 78:55 minutes - 17 tracks

Album Notes:
This compilation serves as a good starting point if you are new to my sound. I've chosen some of my favorite tracks and what I believe to be the most commercial cuts from my discography. The versions used here are mostly single versions or radio remixes, with a few of the tracks being custom edited for this collection.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the flowerpot in Seattle, USA using live acoustic instruments, various authentic analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, and anything else I could get my hands on, along with virtual studio technology and digital recording and editing.

All songs written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: Dance - Electronic
• Release Date: December 2010
• Catalog Number: Opus 65

Additional Images:

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Download Price: $ 0.00 (No charge) USD

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