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Track List 
1  Hyperhopp    4:06 
2  Buzzword    3:28 
3  Hiccup    4:19 
4  Anadrum    2:20 
5  Hypochondria (featuring Sarah Badgley)    6:14 
6  And I Wait    3:54 
7  Final Analysis (featuring Dave Cortez)    2:44 
8  Still Fighting    4:23 
9  Drifting Dub    3:26 
10  Let Go Dub    5:07 
11  Smooth Jazz Summer Sounds    2:20 
12  Jenny M    8:42 
13  E Strings    4:25 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 55:34 minutes - 13 tracks

These tracks were made with a lot of love and inspiration from the trip-hop movement of the late 1990's. I was delving deeply into lo-fi sampling and, more specifically, drum looping. A lot of the tracks have a very specific sound in the drums which was a result of the 12-bit sampling limit of my Korg sampler and the effects chain I ran it through. The result was unique and I have never since been able to duplicate the tone using other equipment. I also used the same effect on some tracks from the album 'Herban High Phidelity'.

Recording Notes:
Recorded 1996-1999 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle. Recorded on 8-track reel-to-reel analog tape and mixed to DAT. Synthesizers used include the Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer, the Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer, the Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas, and the Boss DR-660 drum machine.

All instruments composed, performed, recorded and engineered by Dave Flowers except as noted. Guest performance by Sarah Badgley (flute) and Dave Cortez (guitar).

• Genre: DJ Culture
• Release Date: May 2000
• Catalog Number: Opus 38

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