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 Acid Rayne
 Jaffer Zee

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Track List 
1  Acid Rayne    5:13 
2  Typewriter    3:48 
3  Jaffer Zee    3:55 
4  Funky Fresh    3:30 
5  Sodapopulous    3:15 
6  Lullabox    2:17 
7  Diversijaz    4:15 
8  Static    3:57 
9  Diskette    3:31 
10  Bionic    4:47 
11  Bonus Beats    4:50 
12  Elephant Bones    5:45 
13  Funky Fresh (remix)    6:05 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 55:14 minutes - 13 tracks

From deep techno beats and heavy analog bass lines to funky drum machine breaks and synth hits, this album is exactly what I was trying to do in 1994. I was spending time with a party crowd, going out to dance clubs and raves, and everywhere we went we were listening to techno. Listening to this record now, I feel it has a unique spin on the electronic-techno scene. The tracks are much more progressive and melodic than a lot of the 12 inch singles that were popular for that time. It was probably due to my jazz influence and love of pop music - the melodies just got worked in somehow.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1994 in my home studio using an a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (tone module), a Brother PRO-1 MIDI sequencer, Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer, a Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer, and a Boss DR-550 drum machine.

All instruments and vocals composed, performed, recorded and engineered by supaflower.

• Genre: Electronic Dance
• Release Date: December 1994
• Catalog Number: Opus 31

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