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 Coffee Cake Walk
 Jazberry Jam
 Coarse Peppa
 The Harvest

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Jazberry Jam

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Track List 
1  Coffee Cake Walk    2:33 
2  Jazberry Jam    2:42 
3  Coarse Peppa    1:57 
4  The Harvest    2:59 
5  Nostalgia    2:46 
6  Dedication    4:00 
7  Eternal Adoration    4:32 
8  Darkness    2:04 
9  Nightmares    1:15 
10  Blues In Whatever    2:12 
11  Anticipation    2:17 
12  Harvest Reprise    0:59 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 30:22 minutes - 12 tracks

I had always wanted to make a recording on a real acoustic grand piano but up until 1994, hadn't really had much opportunity. In the summertime, it worked out so that I could have a short time alone at my buddy's grandparent's house while they were away on vacation. They had a nice Yamaha grand piano that didn't get much use, but was regularly tuned. I jumped at the opportunity.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1994 in at Terry Kildal's grandparents house using their Yamaha grand piano, 3 micropones, and a Sony DAT digital audio tape deck.

All instruments and vocals composed, performed, recorded and engineered by supaflower. photography by elizabeth bartholomew.

• Genre: Solo Jazz Piano
• Release Date: June 1994
• Catalog Number: Opus 30

Additional Images:

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