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 Funky Clav
 Fear Of The Unknown
 Synthetic Chocolate Dreams

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Track List 
1  Synthetic Chocolate Dreams (instrumental)    3:40 
2  Fear Of The Unknown (instrumental)    6:05 
3  Are You Ready For A Change (instrumental)    4:55 
4  Funky Clav (instrumental short version)    2:51 
5  Old Man (instrumental)    4:03 
6  Soul Searching (instrumental)    4:34 
7  Inside (instrumental)    3:44 
8  The Game Of Love (instrumental soft mix)    3:58 
9  Simple Song (instrumental)    5:58 
10  Espresso 42 (instrumental)    3:34 
11  Fortunes (instrumental)    6:34 
12  Jaffer Zee (instrumental)    3:45 
13  Typewriter (instrumental)    4:13 
14  The Hand That Rocks The Bootay (instrumental)    4:32 
15  That Girl (instrumental)    4:43 
16  Spanish Version (instumental)    5:20 
17  Chocolate Dub    2:34 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 75:11 minutes - 17 tracks

This is essentially a compilation of instrumental tracks I recorded during 1992-1994. Some of these tracks are instrumental versions of album tracks. Some of them are instrumental versions of vocal tracks that were on Synthetic Chocolate albums. Others are tracks that were intended for that purpose, but never used. I eventually had enough of these recordings to make this compilation possible, so I picked the best ones and viola! Now you can have 'em too.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1994 in my home studio using a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (tone module), a Brother PRO-1 MIDI sequencer, Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer, a Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer, and a Boss DR-550 drum machine.

All instruments and vocals composed, performed, recorded and engineered by supaflower.

• Genre: Electronic Jazzy
• Release Date: November 1993
• Catalog Number: Opus 26

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