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 Magic Glasses
 Thoughts On Elizabeth
 Moving Kinda Slow
 Letter To A Friend

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Magic Glasses

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Track List 
1  Magic Glasses    3:03 
2  Thoughts Of Elizabeth    3:34 
3  Devon On Market Street    2:33 
4  Destiny    1:18 
5  Skeletone    1:57 
6  Proposalence (piano solo)    0:46 
7  Piano Exercise (piano solo)    0:53 
8  Moving Kinda Slow    5:21 
9  And Then Love    7:21 
10  Exodus    5:27 
11  Eye Of Norus (piano solo)    1:06 
12  Ghost In The Garage (piano solo)    2:09 
13  Do You    0:46 
14  There Was A Girl    3:07 
15  Letter To A Friend    8:11 
16  New Mind Overture    4:39 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 52:19 minutes - 16 tracks

Being an electronic music enthusiast since high school, I had recently explored a few new age records and got a little inspired. Most of these tracks began as experiments on my sequencer and evolved into soundscapes... I would best describe this album as mood inspiring background music, especially considering that I recorded most of this without any strong melodies purposefully (outside of solo sections). It was meant to be mood enhancing.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in my home studio using a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (tone module), a Brother PRO-1 MIDI sequencer, Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer, a Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer, and a Boss DR-550 drum machine.

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by supaflower except 'Exodus' composed by Ernest Gold - Arranged by Dave Flowers.

• Genre: Electronic Experimental New Age
• Release Date: June 1993
• Catalog Number: Opus 24

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