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 Pink Sunset Concept
 Miniature Drum And Bass Jam

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Track List 
1  Tryangle    1:57 
2  Sequencer    4:04 
3  Iris    1:07 
4  Miniature Drum And Bass Jam    0:50 
5  I Love Rap Beats    3:17 
6  Get Down Fast    2:15 
7  Passionette (part 1)    4:53 
8  Floatee    2:00 
9  Bootleg Beat    1:41 
10  Church Stats    0:51 
11  Fourteen Moons Ago    2:11 
12  Passionette (part 2)    3:54 
13  Pink Sunset (concept mix)    6:30 
14  You Promised (bonus track)    3:05 
15  You Promised (part 2)    3:06 
16  Behind The Wheel (bonus track)    4:41 
17  Prince Medley (Get Off - Little Red Corvette - Controversy)    8:10 
18  Prince Medley Continued (My Name Is The Symbol)    2:33 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 57:14 minutes - 18 tracks

These tracks were orphaned, maybe for the better or maybe not. So I created this compilation to serve as a home for them. Having just recently aquired a hardware sequencer (a recorder for synthesizers) and a mutli-timbral synthesizer, I spent many late nights looping sequences and drum beats. Sometimes I would get so wrapped up in what I was doing that I'd still be making music when the sun came up the next morning. These tracks are the ones that actually made tape at some point in time. This compilation was put together to save these from the trash...

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1993 in my home studio using a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (tone module), a Brother PRO-1 MIDI sequencer, Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer, a Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer, and a Boss DR-550 drum machine.

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by supaflower except bonus tracks composed by Depeche Mode and Prince. Passionette is based on 'The Passion' by interactive jack recording artist Devious Gray.

• Genre: Experimental Electronic
• Release Date: April 1993
• Catalog Number: Opus 23

Additional Images:

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