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The Strange Truth

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Track List 
1  The Strange Truth (104 bpm)    9:05.0000000000001 
2  Wasted Youth (125 bpm)    6:24 
3  Uncertain Proof (115 bpm)    6:26 
4  Dishwasher Loops And Fighter Jet Scoops (94 bpm)    6:41 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 28:38 minutes - 4 tracks

Album Notes:
This is the continuing series of themed short four-track ep's. I've always been fascinated with non-melodic tones. One example of a non-melodic tone would be a drum, or a sample of something percussive such as striking a metal object with a stick. But there are lots of non-percussive sounds that don't fit into the western musical scale, like the sound of a dishwasher or a jet flying overhead.

I decided to try and make this EP without using any tones that could be considered melodic. I sampled various household appliances and looped them. I created dynamic tones with synthesizers and sampled them. I even used my own voice as a non-melodic tone. The result is something a little different, in my opinion. With repeated listening, the overall sound of these tracks becomes rooted in the listener, due to their unique tone.

The final track, "Dishwasher Loops and Fighter Jet Scoops" was created from samples I recorded on 2 different occassions. First, I setup stereo microphones and recorded myself doing the dishes one evening. These were then sliced up and sampled. I found some interesting rhythms that accidentally came about from putting the dishes away. The second set of samples came from last summer, when I setup microphones and recorded the sound of the Blue Angels flying over Seattle for an annual event called Seafair. Those samples almost sound like record scratching when broken into smaller chunks!

Quick note: The names of the tracks also follow a pattern, if you've noticed - which is something I try to do on every release (themed song titles).

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the flowerpot in Seattle, USA using live sounds and samples along with virtual studio technology and digital recording and editing.

All tracks written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: DJ Culture - beats and breaks
• Release Date: December 2011
• Catalog Number: Opus 73

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