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 Twist Of Fate
 Srewolf Lolipop

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Track List 
1  Techniflavour    4:00 
2  Twist Of Fate    3:17 
3  Fashion    4:14 
4  Srewolf Lolipop    2:57 
5  The Piper    5:15 
6  Techniflavour (night version)    6:03 
7  More Bytes    6:48 
8  Day Of Doom (part one and two)    4:27 
9  The Park    4:13 
10  Nite Life    2:33 
11  Non-Synthetic (real folk)    4:34 
12  Techniflavour (nuverb remix)    5:28 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 53:55 minutes - 12 tracks

The title track of this record was composed while I was on a road trip with my family to California for Christmas. I was humming out the idea and the melody just got stuck in my head. At first, it was pleasing to think about and I kept singing it to myself so I wouldn't forget it until I got home. I sang it over and over in my brain. But pretty soon, it became a nightmare that I couldn't shake, looping endlessly in my brain, even when other music was playing! I would hear it going to sleep and it would be waiting for me when I woke up the next morning. Upon returning home, I finally purged myself of it by recording it - many versions in fact. It became the theme of my new album and three versions are presented here, each with it's own twist.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1986 in my bedroom while I was in school (in my parents house) using a cassette recorder, a Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer and a Korg DDM-110 drum machine.

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by Supaflower.

• Genre: Electronic
• Release Date: December 1987
• Catalog Number: Opus 5

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