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Track List 
1  Mathmatics    6:00 
2  Geometry    1:40 
3  Algebra    3:19 
4  Pi    3:00 
5  Mouth    0:55 
6  The Dome    2:37 
7  Synthlude    1:22 
8  Square Roots    2:00 
9  Lips (alternate master)    1:23 
10  Chaser (Sequential Circuits)    4:13 
11  Cadence    1:38 
12  Polaris    4:39 
13  Melinda And Mathmatics    3:09 
14  Digital Warfare    4:02 
15  Out Of Phase    0:36 
16  Infinite Joy    1:35 
17  Listen Young Children    1:53 
18  Oh Suzanna    3:35 
19  Theme From St Elmos Fire    3:31 
20  Smoke On The Water (with Fred Ramirez)    2:00 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 53:17 minutes - 20 tracks

At this point in my musical journey, I began wanting to become an accomplished composer and producer. I started pushing the limits of the recording techniques I was using, adding more complex instrumentation than before and experimenting with alternative ways of recording. So why is the theme all about Mathmatics? I don't really remember specifically, but for a short time in high school, I THOUGHT I was pretty interested in math because of a cute girl I knew who was REALLY into math.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1986 in my bedroom while I was in school (in my parents house) using a cassette recorder, a Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer and a Korg DDM-110 drum machine.

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by Supaflower

• Genre: Electronic Instrumental
• Release Date: November 1987
• Catalog Number: Opus 004

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