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 Professor Funkmeister
 Monophonic Mama
 Look At What Rock N Roll Did
 Prettiest Part Of Your Body

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Funk Shway

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Track List 
1  Interlude - Funk Shway    0:40 
2  Professor Funkmeister    5:52 
3  Interlude - That's Deep Dude    0:20 
4  Breath Of Life    5:05 
5  Interlude - Freedom Of Speech    0:22 
6  Universal Alignment and the Lost Melody    6:41 
7  Interlude - Headbangers    0:31 
8  Monophonic Mama    2:42 
9  Interlude - It's Stinky In Here    0:25 
10  Look What Rock N Roll Did To My Hair    5:22 
11  Interlude - Turn Your Turntables Back To 1971    0:20 
12  I Think The Medicine Is Working    7:57 
13  Interlude - Do Not Call Me Duane    0:24 
14  The Lowrider Jeans Lean    2:42 
15  Interlude - Refreshment    0:30 
16  The Honey Bear Relaxer    6:04 
17  Interlude - Hot Tub Party    0:28 
18  The 1978 Love Theme    5:00 
19  Interlude - What Causes That    0:10 
20  Zen Cakes    2:07 
21  Interlude - Thanks For Being You    0:28 
22  The Prettiest Part Of Your Body    3:50 
23  Interlude - They Don't Own Those Words    0:51 
24  Drifting Into Nothingness    1:58 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 61:01 minutes - 24 tracks

Since I was born in the 1970's and have always been fond of the funk tunes that came from that era, I set out to record a seventies-style funk instrumental album in my basement recording studio (which I affectionately call the Flower Pot). This album has a very organic feel to it, using complex arrangements of live instruments, analog and digital synthesizers, and a variety of recording procedures. The results are an album that definitely captures the energy of 1971 but the subtle nuances of a modern recording. Each track is segued with random conversations with friends that I recorded at my coffee table (with their knowledge, of course!).

Recording Notes:
Recorded 2005-2006 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle using an 8-track reel-to-reel analog tape, 32 channel mixing consul and Tascam stand-alone CD recorder. Instrumentation used includes a whole host of acoustic instruments including Gretsch drums, Guild guitar, Fender guitar, custom bass, Bundy trumpet and lots of little percussive things. Synthesizers used include the Roland Juno-106 and Roland JX-8P analog synthesizers, the Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer, the Korg Poly-800, the Access Virus C, and a variety of software synthesizers.

All instruments composed, performed, and recorded by Supaflower. The in-between bits feature a bunch of my close friends - Angela Roth, Terry Kildal, Erin Hockett, Hannah Ahmed, Katie Learned, Terri Sandusky, and my grandparents and father.

• Genre: Funk
• Release Date: May 2007
• Catalog Number: Opus 56

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