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The Chill Pill Thriller

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Track List 
1  The Chill Pill Thriller - Side 1    38:29 
2  The Chill Pill Thriller - Side 2    37:47 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 76:17 minutes - 2 tracks

This album has a very zen-like spiritual quality to it, at least for me. My studio is in my basement, with soft-colored mood lighting to accent the instruments. Since I often record my music in the early morning, between midnight and 4 AM - my most creative time of the day, I get a unique feeling hanging out down there. It's dark, but pleasant and pretty. When I stop playing, the air outside is absolutely silent. Playing music when no one else is awake is like visiting another galaxy where only you, the musician, exists. I sometimes feel like I'm sitting at the control panel of a large spaceship, my synthesizers being the steering wheel. I guess I might liken it to dreaming while awake...

Recording Notes:
Recorded 2005-2006 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle using a 32 channel mixing consul and Tascam stand-alone CD recorder. Synthesizers used include the Roland Juno-106 and Roland JX-8P analog synthesizers, the Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer, the Korg Poly-800, the Access Virus C, and a variety of software synthesizers.

All tracks composed, arranged, performed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: Downbeat Mix
• Release Date: June 2006
• Catalog Number: Opus 53

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