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 Variations On A Nightmare

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Spooky Stories

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Track List 
1  Xymos (77.7 bpm)    6:00 
2  The Difference Between Shadows Darkness And Evil (66 bpm)    6:00 
3  The Miserable Existance Of A Scarecrow (66 bpm)    6:00 
4  Variations On A Nightmare (70 bpm)    13:00 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 31:02 minutes - 4 tracks

Album Notes:
On a side note, I've always wondered or fantasized what it would actually sound like if the devil made an electronic record. He's often referred to in the bible as the ultimate or master musician, so his music would be elaborate and well produced. The craftsmanship would be unbelievable! But remember, the devil is also evil, so the music would have an undeniable dark tone to it. As I was recording this, I started to make it somewhat an attempt to hear that concept. The devil makes an electronic record and here it is...

Then, obviously, the devil would probably incorporate elements of heavy metal into an electronic album - it's something he definitely has a fondness for. A dark intro and warning. A haunting piano melody with dub. What about distortion? Definitely. Feedback? Necessary. Extreme poly rhythms and constantly changing bass sounds? well, that part is pure speculation on my part, but I'd say the devil would be proud. The bizarre and ghostly fact that the first three songs are exactly 6 minutes long and the last track is exactly 13 minutes long? Coincidence, I swear!

And if you are wondering who Xymos is, well you're in for a surprise. Sit back and let your mind and soul be reprogrammed by a new master...

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the flowerpot in Seattle, USA using live acoustic instruments, various authentic analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, and anything else I could get my hands on, along with virtual studio technology and digital recording and editing.

All songs written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Supaflower

• Genre: Dub Step
• Release Date: January 2011
• Catalog Number: Opus 66

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