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 Six String Duet
 San Francisco Evening
 Sketches Of Seattle

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Track List 
1  Soliloquy    4:35 
2  Sweet And Sour    3:53 
3  Sinsemilla    4:52 
4  San Francisco Evening    5:18 
5  Safari    3:54 
6  Summer Sky    2:44 
7  Solitude With The Stars    3:50 
8  Special Someone    4:05 
9  Sketches Of Seattle    4:39 
10  Smoking Gun    2:54 
11  Six String Duet (Featuring Patrick MacKinnon)    3:19 
12  Singing Karaoke    3:03 
13  Solstice    3:00 
14  Season's End    4:14 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 54:27 minutes - 14 tracks

Approaching Christmas 2004, I wanted to record a special album for friends and family - something I thought anyone could enjoy as a holiday gift. The solution? A relaxing recording of piano music with subtle synthesizer melodies peeking in and out of the picture - the perfect fancy dinner background music! Or a good album to clean house to. Or maybe a nice mood enhancer to put the finishing touch on a romantic evening... (don't forget the sensual massage oils).

Recording Notes:
Recorded December 2004 at the Flowerpot Recording Studio in Seattle using the Yamaha P90 stage piano and the Access Virus C analog modeling synthesizer.

All instruments composed, performed, and recorded by Dave Flowers except as noted. Guest performance by Patrick MacKinnon of Spiral Anne (Guitar).

• Genre: Solo Acoustic Piano
• Release Date: December 2004
• Catalog Number: Opus 49

Additional Images:

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