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 Drum Mach II
 Sequential Circuits
 Casios Invention
 Numbers Dont Count

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Track List 
1  Drum Mach Two    2:24 
2  Sequential Circuits    3:02 
3  A Little Blue    2:30 
4  Until Tomorrow    2:02 
5  Warp One    2:23 
6  Nite Life    2:23 
7  Moonlighting    2:20 
8  Musical Chairs    3:02 
9  Drum Solo    0:49 
10  Theme    3:03 
11  Rags    2:13 
12  Arabian Rock    1:26 
13  Folke Rock    2:22 
14  Casios Invention    2:59 
15  Golden Gate    2:30 
16  Purcussion    2:07 
17  Numbers Dont Count    3:00 
18  Hard Rock    3:52 
19  Purple Days    2:14 
20  Jarre Blues    2:39 
21  Alone    2:00 
22  At First Site    2:39 
23  Tubular Bells (bonus track)    1:28 
24  Heat Of The Moment (bonus track)    2:00 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 57:39 minutes - 24 tracks

After owning a synthesizer for several months, I realized that everything would be much cooler if I had a drum machine to compliment my music. Overly excited about my new drum machine action, I began skipping school like mad - only to stay home and build 'beats' while my parents were at work. These machines were incredibly fascinating to a fifteen year old kid who'd never been exposed to such cool electronics. Originally recorded on a crappy cassette tape.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in 1986 in my bedroom while I was in school (in my parents house) using a cassette recorder, a Yamaha DX-27 synthesizer, and two drum machines (the Mattel Electronics Synsonics Drums and the Korg DDM-110).

All instruments played, composed, recorded and engineered by Supaflower

• Genre: Experimental Electronic (instrumental)
• Release Date: February 1987
• Catalog Number: Opus 002

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