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  Synthetic Chocolate
 Chasing A Dream
 In The Shadows

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Synthetic Chocolate

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Track List 
1  Chasing A Dream    7:34 
2  Spring    5:49 
3  Liquid    4:43 
4  Jazzman    4:20 
5  Fortunes    6:32 
6  In The Shadows    3:30 
7  Looking Back    1:02 
8  Regrets    3:44 
9  Xylophone Suite    12:30 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 49:48 minutes - 9 tracks

Xylophone is their first so-called rock opera. Losely based on their own rise to fame and the troubles that come from notoriety, the album is filled with catchy tunes and an interesting story line. The media was critical of the album due to it's more complex and artsy themes, while fans embraced it. Not as commercially successful as previous releases, the album ultimately ended up being their last official studio record for almost five years. It wasn't until years after it's release that it became an almost cult classic on the underground fan networks.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studios, Modesto, California.

All tracks written, arranged, performed and produced by Synthetic Chocolate

• Genre: Vocal Pop, Jazz, Comedy
• Release Date: August 1993
• Catalog Number: Polyester 4

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