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  Synthetic Chocolate
 New And Different
 Let It Be
 Peace And Love
 You Werent My Type
 Im A Gigalo

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Synthetic Chocolate

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Track List 
1  Intro    0:44 
2  New And Different    2:41 
3  Let It Be    5:30 
4  Kneel Down And Pray    5:52 
5  I'm A Gigalo    6:06 
6  My Life Is Better    5:19 
7  Blue Light Special    6:52 
8  Peace And Love    6:14 
9  Back In Iraq    4:52 
10  You Weren't My Type    5:29 
11  Ring    3:13 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 52:57 minutes - 11 tracks

This is the landmark album that started it all. Two college kids meet and create some new funk using a synthesizer, a drum machine, a couple tape decks, and a good sense of humor. Originally recorded on cassette tape. It contains I'm a Gigalo, a surprise top ten single on the Swedish charts.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at Flowerpot Studios, Bakersfield, CA., basically the bedroom of Dave's parents.

All tracks written, performed, arranged, and performed by Synthetic Chocolate.

• Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop, Comedy
• Release Date: February 1990
• Catalog Number: Polyester 1

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