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  Synthetic Chocolate
 A Little Beatlish
 Getcha Girl
 Losing My Direction

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Synthetic Chocolate

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Track List 
1  Welcome (featuring Fred Ramirez)    4:05 
2  The Devil Made Me Do It (featuring Fred Ramirez)    2:51 
3  Get Back    3:16 
4  The Greatest Band    0:22 
5  A Little Beatlish    3:07 
6  Getcha Girl    2:10 
7  Snooker (featuring Calico Crespinal)    1:17 
8  Ugly Blues (featuring Davie Gadbois, Pat MacKinnon, Terry Kildal)    5:20 
9  Losing My Direction (featuring Patrick MacKinnon)    4:34 
10  Green Interlude    0:38 
11  Funeral (featuring Al Woods and Patrick MacKinnon)    3:30 
12  Getcha Girl (part 2)    1:05 
13  Savior (featuring Patrick MacKinnon)    6:26 
14  Each and Everyday    4:46 
15  Bonus Track    6:11 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 49:45 minutes - 15 tracks

Dubbed the Green Album by fans, Green is a very different album for Synthetic Chocolate. Having been five years since their last studio effort, the two decided to bring in outside artists to collaborate with, including Spiral Anne guitarist, Patrick MacKinnon and Devious Gray keyboardist, Fred Ramirez. Green is a lot more oriented towards non-synthetic instruments and contains much more guitar than any of their previous releases. Due to tight scheduling, a lot of the tracks were created on the fly and then refined later. All-in-all, it is a very fun record with a surprise ending - a 6-minute conversation that will hopefully put a smile on your face. Contains the hit single, A Little Beatlish.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studios, Seattle, USA.

All tracks written, performed, arranged and produced by Synthetic Chocolate.

• Genre: Pop
• Release Date: December 1999
• Catalog Number: Polyester 6

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