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Synthetic Chocolate
Golden Relics

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Track List 
1  The Greatest Band    0:21 
2  Let It Be    3:00 
3  You Weren't My Type    3:17 
4  My Life Is Better    3:00 
5  New And Different    1:53 
6  Gigalo    3:19 
7  Hand That Rocks The Bootay    2:42 
8  Sodapopular    3:17 
9  Liquid    2:53 
10  Chasing A Dream    4:22 
11  Chocolate Dreams    2:43 
12  Espresso Four Two    3:13 
13  Cancion Facil    4:15 
14  Spanish Version    3:24 
15  Regrets    3:42 
16  Fortunes Interlude    1:40 
17  Resurrection    3:33 
18  Vampire Love    3:16 
19  In The Shadows    2:59 
20  Spring    3:17 
21  Jazzman    3:21 
22  Let's Go For A Ride    4:28 
23  Getcha Girl    2:10 
24  A Little Beatlish    3:05 
25  Get Back    2:57 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 76:19 minutes - 25 tracks

Golden Hits is a career retrospective of their first ten years. Their best tracks were carefully chosen and new single edits were created for this release. If you are new to Synthetic Chocolate and are curious to hear some of their earlier material, this is the quintessential album to own. Even if you already own their older releases, Golden Hits contains new edits of your favorite tracks. With 25 tracks that include a whole range of material, it's sure to entertain.

Recording Notes:
Recorded at the Flowerpot Studios in Seattle, USA and Bakersfield/Modesto California.

All tracks written and performed by Synthetic Chocolate except where noted (the two obvious Beatles tracks - if you are not sure which ones, then you haven't been paying attention the last 50 years).

• Genre: Pop, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Comedy
• Release Date: July 2000
• Catalog Number: Polyester 9

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