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  Synthetic Summer

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Synthetic Summer
By Popular Demand

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Track List 
1  By Popular Demand Intro    0:22 
2  The Future    2:50 
3  Have You Met Miss Jones    1:59 
4  Aint That A Kick In The Head    1:58 
5  When The Leaves Start Turning Brown    3:36 
6  Your Heart Belongs To Me    3:03 
7  Oh Darling    2:35 
8  Used To Be Bad    3:13 
9  Mack The Knife    2:58 
10  Hungry Like The Wolf    5:37 
11  Never Gonna Give You Up    3:44 
12  Waiting In Vain    5:12 

Approximate Total Playing Time: 37:13 minutes - 12 tracks

Album Notes:
A casual afternoon in the studio with Synthetic Chocolate, a piano and a microphone. They play a diverse live set of covers and originals in this collection - recorded randomly one afternoon in Seattle. The critics are calling this a peak into their creative process - a must hear.

Recording Notes:
Recorded in Seattle at the Flowerpot Recording Studio

Piano and instruments by JTIB and Supaflower.

• Genre: Pop Piano and a Microphone
• Release Date: September 2018
• Catalog Number: Polyester 28

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